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New Single - "Bouken Bed (Adventure in My Bed)"

July 9, 2014

Hi, everyone! I will release new single again!

The song title is "Bouken Bed". "Bouken" means adventure. This song was composed based on the memory of my childhood. When I was a little boy, I always went to sleep with my parents. The time was very happy for me. The position between my parents was the most safety place in the world for me.

One day, I was told by my mother that I should go to sleep alone. She said that this is the practice for me to grow up. Although I was worried, I followed her words.

At first night, I was not able to sleep, because the noise outside of my house made me uneasy. I put my whole body in the bedding. I felt that the space in the bedding was the most safety place in the world. Of course, there was no my parents. I was proud of myself. I said "I am free!" and "I am the brave!" in my mind. I was absorbed in delusion. Then, the time before sleeping became favorite for me.

When I almost finished to compose the mornig song - "HIGHER and DEEPER", I remembered this memory and tried to compose this song as the night song. However, I had only one week till the deadline. I concentrated in order to dig my feelings of that childhood. The arrangement of this song which came out from inside of myself was very natural.

I could make demonstration of this song. There was only few days left. I felt that it was impossible to complete making song and prepare illustration for this song.

Although I hesitated, I decided to consult with Muuga-san. Muuga-san always gives good advice and helps me. Recently, Muuga-san was very busy. Though, he sent me the illustration. That was Kagamine Rin... Yes. I forgot to tell him which vocaloid I used! I apologized to him about lack of information. Muuga-san did not get angry at all but sent the illustration of a new design to me! Exactly, it was what I imaged like pretty thing! I am very happy and I would like to say many many thanks to Muuga-san!

I hope that you enjoy this nighty song - "Bouken Bed" with the illustration. You can check the sound and download it from here.

Have a good night!



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